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Alacrity Project theater group began in 2006 for the purpose of creating acting opportunities, learning & growing craft, and for the love of collaboration and producing theater.

We are fascinated with the nonphysical parts of life. Have you ever pondered:

♦  “The ideas that go through my brain sometimes … it must have a mind of its own.”

♦  “Why are bad habits SO HARD to break? Good habits, not hard.”

♦  “Laughter is fantastic, could we actually survive on this planet without humor?”

♦  “What is stress? (it wasn’t a concept 60 years ago)

♦  “Electricity, magnets, energy, force, etc. – amazing stuff.”

♦  “How do I make getting out of bed in the morning more fun?”

♦  “…intact double-stranded DNA has the ‘amazing’ ability to recognize similarities in other DNA strands from a distance…”

There is so much in this world to learn and know – enough to keep us busy for a lifetime.



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