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Greetings :)  Welcome to our site.

Alacrity Project theater group began in 2006 for the purpose of creating acting opportunities, learning & growing craft, and for the love of collaboration and producing theater.

What we explore here is the nonphysical through the physical, timeless knowledge & human condition, and creating a clean hope for our future. These nebulous areas play out mainly through the topics of: the brain, mind & psychology, gender functions and relationships, and the everyman’s eternal quest for freedom & purpose over apathy & carelessness.

The mermaid reminds us of what we don’t know. We don’t have all the answers. There are many mysteries. Alacrity Project strives to build upon facts, evidence, nature and natural cycles, while also acknowledging humans’ longing for connection and what we can’t seem to see or grasp. The mermaid is half human, half fairy; she represents in form the physical and nonphysical workings of the human.


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