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April 27, 2012 / Alacrity Project Theater

All in Good Time

Life can seem funny, odd, mysterious, confusing, but it operates in an AWEsome way. Say you find yourself joining a new group, meeting certain people, dedicating yourself to a passion in a new way, and you notice that inexplicably different aspects of your life are becoming interconnected, taking on the same theme. At the same time you are envisioning great things, but the pieces just aren’t coming together right away. Life is speaking back to you that, yes, you are in the right place. Give it some time. Six months go by and you keep filtering ideas, learning more about yourself, growing into the identity you want. And then, the opportunities arrive with all the details filled in! You know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to present it. That’s what is happening in Alacrity Project right now, and that’s how we know we are on the right path. In due time there will be more, and more, and more. Very exciting, very bold, and very bent on uncurling and revealing the magnificence and power in us humans.

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