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August 15, 2012 / Alacrity Project Theater

Alive Series Is this Sunday!

Alive Series #3, August 19, 2012

The artists performing this Sunday tackle the often-elusive, sometimes frustrating, and always challenging question: What am I doing with my life? Characters in these performances will explore this personal process and the obstacles they are confronted with as they move forward in their decision — some are thoughtful and graceful, while other are just downright bull-headed.

Doors @ 5pm, $5-10, Age 21+
Daughter of Salt  5:15    Famous  6pm    Night Out With the Pin-Up Squirrels  6:20
7pm – Midnight, live music co-ordinated by FirstLive

Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St. Lower East Side
F train to 2nd Ave or F/M to Delancey/Essex St.

The Alacrity Project Alive Series is an opportunity for artists who are producing their own work to perform in a well-equipped, alternative environment, and receive HD video-recordings of their performances for use in furthering their art and careers. Made possible by the support of FirstLive Studio and Arlene’s Grocery.

For the Artists: A Stage + Tech Support + Multi-media Recording + Sales from the Door
For the Audience: Full Bar + Casual Seating + Intimate Performances + post-show Live Music


Daughter of Salt

Written and performed by Kathleen Cole Burke

As a young Catholic woman, I am going through a process of discernment, where I pray to see if God is calling me to be a nun or a married woman.

My show Daughter of Salt is a letter to my future husband describing to him my discernment process and how I came to see that I’m maybe not called to be a nun as I’d once thought.

I go through girly things like if I’ll change my last name and what I hope he’s like, to the challenges that he and I would face in marriage, ranging from my disastrous cooking to my terminal illness.



Written by Ryan O’Toole & Co-written by Juniper Foster
Famous is comedic web series, in development, about a man, woman, their messed up life, and a video camera. Randy is determined to turn his life around, and he has determined that starring in his own reality show is the best way for him to do that. Famous takes a darkly humorous look at the predicaments and adventures of Randy and his long-suffering girlfriend, Julia. Is this just another poorly thought out scheme in a series of many? Or will Randy and Julia finally find the success they’ve always desired? Tune in to find out.
Randy: Ryan O’Toole
Julia: Juniper Foster
Nigel (camera man): Steven Levine
Erica (Sound woman): Emily Niewendorp

Night Out With the Pin-Up Squirrels

Directed By: Christopher Aurillo
Sketch and improv, with a celebrity guest for fun.The Squirrels are back!
Take a piece of Chappelle’s Show, add a dash of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and mix in a cup of stage player magic from SNL. Now subtract all the men and replace them with the sassy rodent spirits of:
Crystal Delhantey
Tera Feigen
Lisa Perez
Kristen Lucas
Ann Marie Grace, and
Rebecca Oppenheim
With special guests Art and Jamie Lima of Fate 28.
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