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October 8, 2012 / Alacrity Project Theater

Alive Series #5, mini Coaching Sessions

New This Month!

Mini coaching sessions in the Butcher Bar at Arlene’s Grocery, from Emily Niewendorp (co-founder of Alacrity Project) and Georgiana Avram founder of

Let’s talk about our dreams and how to make them happen. As you head to Arlene’s, ask yourself this:

  • If I IGNORED just for a few minutes all the doubt, the hows, and any impossibilities, what would I choose to do with my life?
  • What idea have I had for years and years, but never gave it much importance?
  • What deep desire has been nagging at me, possibly even eating away at me?
  • What passion project have I been working on and thinking about that I would like to share with others and start to bring to life?
  • What fantasy creature or superhero do I identify with?

Let’s be honest and acknowledge what is and isn’t making us happy. If life seems like a bitch, remember that by stepping up and CREATING what we need in our lives, we are writing our new reality. Doing what seems impossible is ACTUAL MAGIC; it produces the surreal, and is very powerful. Only you can change your life.

Tell us what you having been dreaming about and we’ll provide some feedback to get you on your way.

Showing up is the first step!

Click that you are Going to the event here.

5 – 8pm
Arlene’s Grocery
Butcher Bar (main bar)
95 Stanton St.
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