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From Alacrity Players to Alacrity Project

Alacrity Players was founded in 2006 by Hope Alumni Emily Niewendorp, Kathryn Bedrosian and Blaine Turk with a mission to challenge audiences and bring multiple art forms to the stage. The Player’s debut production, entitled Strangers, showcased a montage of dramatic short plays encompassing war, the dynamics of city living, economic strife, and hope. Additional productions, Growing Season and Smoke ’em If You Got ’em, and fund raising events, created an encouraging and energetic community of artists and friends.

In 2011 Alacrity Players took stock and morphed into Alacrity Project with the intention of bringing a more futuristic-minded, and specific purpose to the stage. The group engaged for a time through A Live Series, a monthly performance series at Arlene’s Grocery, and is now working to incorporate full-length productions in addition to aspects created from the A Live Series. Stay tuned as we move into the future!

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