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Our Past, Current and Future Activities

A Live Series

This ongoing series sprang to life in Summer 2012 at Arlene’s Grocery, courtesy of FirstLive Studio. It went on hiatus just this past summer when we decided to take some time to strengthen our purpose and invest more time into producing each show. For 13 months the series brought an assortment of new plays and performances from up and coming talent in New York City — an opportunity for artists to easily get up on stage and work through material. Information, photos and links to video clips of past shows can be viewed on our Facebook page: Read more information about the Jam, along with the shows we produced as our previous incarnation Alacrity Players, here. We plan to bring this series back, if not monthly, perhaps quarterly or on a regular basis, since it has been a wonderful way to meet people, see shows in an alternative space with a bar, and have a sort of open mic performance experience that is professionally recorded in HD video for the artists.


At this moment we are working on our next production. Contact us if you are interested in what we are doing. We are looking for artists excited about taking the time to create a great show — designers, directors, writers, visual artists, & actors.

And then we have some of those wild ideas
that we are super excited about for the future:

Experiential Theater

One of our dreams is “decadent” theater, which might be out of doors and in other fanciful and enticing locations that are full of pleasure, touching on the senses and emotions. Some shows will be family friendly.

Shadow Theater

Another dream of Alacrity Project’s is to provide shadowing opportunities for high school and college age students. Whether writing, producing, stage managing, directing, designing or acting, young artists will work on a production along-side professional artists in their field to create parallel end-productions. We love the idea of one day owning our own theater. Check out our Pinterest Boards!

Alacrity Project is a fan of Exploring the Arts, and hopes to one day partner with the organization and/or other like-minded community organizations and educational programs to mentor the youth and young adults.

Repair Your Dreams

A possible program in the future would close the gap between the stage and real life for individuals. Guided by Alacrity Project the stage would be a place for brave non-actors to use their life story — their personal struggles as the antagonist — and then decide on the ending to the story that is yet to happen in real life. The intention is to heal and repair dreams and provide a way for individuals to create more freedom and potency in their lives.

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