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A Live Series 2012 – 2014 

Sunday afternoons
Arlene’s Grocery
95 Stanton St. NYC

Monologue Jam

The Monologue Jam is a popular way for performers to get up on stage, work out their material, receive a professional video-recording of their work, and meet like-minded and supportive artists.

Past Jams were: December 2, 2012; February 24, 2013; April 28, 2013; May 19, 2013 & July 28, 2013

Alive In HD

For self-initiated artists to perform or workshop longer pieces such as, sketch comedy groups, short plays, solo shows and readings, and receive a professionally recorded video of their production.


** For the Artist: A Black Box Stage + Tech Support
+ HD Recording + Community

** For the Audience: Full Bar + Casual Seating
+ Intimate Performances + post-show Live Music


Information on FirstLive’s video-recordings:

The Audio and Video team is composed of 2-3 people: a sound/light board operator, a studio engineer/videographer

Video: 1080p HD recording with stereo audio mix from Logic

Each performer will receive a 3 camera shoot: 1 Camera is stationary and is setup center/rear, near the soundbooth.  The other cameras are operated by a videographers: 1 camera is setup Stage Right, the other Stage Left.  An MPEG-4 of the performance will be available immediately after.

Audio/Video Studio engineer: Mixes audio and video live

Live Internet Streaming:

More Information:


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