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Emily Niewendorp, Artistic Director & Actress

Emily is a founding member of Alacrity Project, and actress. She has portrayed peculiar characters in plays and films such as Picnic on the Battlefield  at Chez Leroe Theatre, and The Frog Kissers and the webseries AMC Diary with Actors Moviemaking Company.  She has developed scripts and performed in readings at Looking Glass Theater and Abingdon Theater. In 2006 she formed Alacrity Players with fellow Hope Alumni Blaine (Cook) Turk and Kathryn (Cleveland) Bedrosian, and with the financial support of The Field developed and performed Alacrity’s first production, Strangers, a compilation of short acts about war, hope, relationships and economic struggles in NYC. Emily wrote and acted in the company’s second production, Growing Season, and also co-designed and acted in Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em: Comedies for an Economic Downturn.

Other credits include singing with the Bleecker Street Opera Company in the 2009 – 2010 season of The Love of Three Kings and The Barber of Seville. She joined ActorCor in 2012 and is active throughout their season, including their tri-faith concert, Say Yes!, in celebration of MLK day. Emily has even forayed into experimental game-play assisting in the development of Us with Life Experiment. Her favorite role is in an Alex Engström music video that can be found on YouTube here.

Georgiana A. Headshot 1Georgiana Avram, Actress, Writer & Producer

Georgiana was born and raised in Romania. She is an actress, writer, lover of life and all creative things. She has written a novel available on Amazon and is working on a few writing projects at the moment. She has acted in films, plays and was a host for a Romanian TV show. Her mission is to cultivate self-expression, to inspire audiences to live the life they only dare to dream.

Kathryn Bedrosian, Co-founder & Actress

Kathryn is a founding member of the Alacrity Project and has been involved from the first time someone said, “We should just start our OWN theatre company!” She has a BA in Theatre from Hope College and a Master Degree from Michigan State University in Theatre History. While at MSU Kathryn performed in her favorite play and went a little insane as Lady Macbeth. Kathryn has worked as an actress in Michigan, Maine and New York and is currently working as a production coordinator for beauty@gotham advertising. Kathryn lives in Bayside Queens and is occasionally working as a roadie for her husband’s band Soul Unhinged. Kathryn has been playing piano and singing for over 25 years and can’t wait to start another adventure with AP!

Theresa Galeani, Actress

Theresa has been a member of the Alacrity Project since its beginning stage, having performing with the ladies of Alacrity Players in their previous productions of A Growing Season, Strangers, and Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em. Her starring film credits include Non Compos Mentis, Best Actress at the Atlantic City Cinefest, A Fight for Survival, Audience Award nomination at Hoboken International Film Festival, The Color Project’s Violet to Earth, Addicted, Dylan’s Tree, and How to Grow a Fig Tree. Theresa’s eclectic interests found her fronting the noise/rock band Your Boyfriends Band Suxx at multiple Manhattan and Brooklyn venues as a part of the L.E.S. Art Stars. In 2008, Theresa made her pilgrimage to Burning Man and found an inspired love for large-scale art installations and has since been working with fabric and yarn to make large-scale art with Circle Arts, Wickerman, Brooklyn Fireproof, Figment, and for the annual Burning Man Festival. She is a 2006 Graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, B.A. Theatre Arts.

Blaine M Turk, Co-founder

Blaine is a founding member of Alacrity Project and has produced, designed, written and acted with the company.  Originally from Niles, Michigan, Blaine graduated from Hope College with Kat and Emma.  She has worked with Hope Summer Repertory, Melting Pot Theatre, American Theatre, Leonard Street Productions, Chez Laroe Productions and Retro Productions.  Favorite past roles include Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz), Maria (The Sound of Music), Helena (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Sally (Tissue) and Zapo (Picnic on the Battlefield).  Now her favorite role is Mama to Oliver Maxwell, who was born in May 2011!

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